Proper Crediting

Many have asked if they can use my artwork as references for their own. I don't mind this simply because referencing is an excellent way of learning how to draw, especially in the world of fantasy. If you want to learn from my art style, I commend you! Just remember to throw your originality in the mix! ;) And please, don't blatantly copy/trace my pieces. If you do, at least credit back to the piece you used with a link to the original.

If you wish to use my artwork for anything other than practice, first, you MUST:

  • Ask for permission
  • Provide a link to my website,or whatever social media I have.
  • Do NOT remove the watermarks or logos in the corners!

Copying, tracing, or reference my art for learning purposes is fine, but do not post it online anywhere without crediting what you used. Please give credit where credit is do.

Featuring My Art

I absolutely LOVE IT when people feature my art! I am totally cool if you want to feature it on your own personal website, forum, or the  many forms of social media! This is good for me because it gets my art out there to the public, which brings more people to find my art. If you do this, please credit back to me providing a link to my website, social media pages: @sugarpoultry on Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr, @artistjennettebrown on my Facebook Page, or my deviantArt account., so that others can find me! 

It is OK to download my artwork for personal use such as desktop or phone wallpapers, etc. ^_^

The Following Uses of my Artwork are Prohibited

  • Removing my watermarks/signatures from my art
  • Reposting the artwork anywhere without crediting me
  • Reselling my art as your own
  • Using mine or others characters (such as commissioned works) as your own


Unfortunately, my artwork has been stolen, misrepresented, and infringed by many art thieves across the internet. Especially now that I've done lots of t-shirt designs, they've been popping up everywhere being sold without my permission! I grew tired of having to track down the thieves, note site administrators, and report stolen and infringed artwork. The decision to watermark all of my artwork was a hard one, as I tried to avoid it for as long as I could, but I can't afford to worry about it anymore.

The watermarks serve two purposes, 1) it turns away thieves, and 2) if anyone posts my art without my permission or credit, the watermark and icons will serve as a way that others (hopefully) will find their way back to me. Thieves gonna thieve, as sad at it is, but at least this makes it a little harder for them.

Commission clients and my Patrons on Patreon have the exclusive privilege to receive artwork WITHOUT any watermarks.