How do I commission you?

It's easy! Here's the TL;DR version:

  1. Look over my prices and styles and decide which fits your idea and budget.
  2. Contact me and pitch your idea! Be as detailed as you want. Pictures always help!
  3. I'll give you a custom quote! Multiple characters, clothing, tools, and background elements are usually what determine a high or low cost.
  4. If you're happy with your quote, I will send you an invoice or I'll give my PayPal info. Pay as soon as you can!
  5. I'll get started on a WIP (work in progress) sketch for you to approve. This is where all major changes are made before detailing/coloring begins.
  6. You'll receive several WIPs along the way. I want to make sure you're satisfied with your final product!
  7. Commissions take anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks to complete. Unless otherwise arranged, I work in the order commissions are received. Life is busy, so please be patient!
  8. When your commission is complete, I will email you the full size, high res, watermark-free image, and a watermarked version to share if its posted anywhere on social media.
  9. SHARE IT! You'd do me a great service by liking/sharing the crud out of your commission. It helps me a lot! Majority of my commissions are referrals and word of mouth. By doing so, you're helping promote my art and growing my business!

Well there you have it! If you are using my artwork for commercial services, that's a completely different process, so please read about that here. Also, ask about my military discounts!

The Nitty Gritty

And now for a more detailed and in-depth explanation of my services. Yah, nobody likes to read the fine lines, but alas, please do:

Payment Policy

  • Full payment is required up front (or a 20% deposit for commissions $100 or more) before working on your commission. I'm also willing to do payment plans.
  • I only accept payments through PayPal, USD currency only, so you will need to convert your currency before transferring.
  • PayPal fees must be paid by the client, unless you choose friends/family, it will avoid the fee.
  • If you don't have a PayPal account, NO PROBLEM! I am more then happy to send you a payment invoice to your email. From there you can pay via debit, credit or e-check. All of your information is secure and confidential. I do not have access to your card or account numbers. All I will see is the payment received.
  • Payment up front ensures you a secure a spot in my artist queue. I work in the order commissions are received.

Rights I Have

  • I reserve the right to refuse or cancel your commission at any time for any reason.
  • I reserve the right to watermark your piece. If you post your art anywhere for general display, please request the watermarked version for display and credit back to me.
  • I reserve the right to use your piece for publicity and the right to post it anywhere on the internet or in print.
  • I reserve the right to sell prints or merchandise of your commissioned work, with or without your permission. If you have a problem with any of this, please talk to me prior to make arrangements or simply do not commission me.
  • I reserve the right to use some or all of your commission as exclusive perks for my Patreon (they will not receive the final product, that's only reserved for you, the client).
  • I reserve the right to exercise artistic liberty if I feel it is in the best interest of the work.
  • I am not obligated to live stream or time lapse your art.
  • I am not obligated to post any part or the final product on deviantART, any social media, or my website (but you can!)
  • I exclusively own the rights of the image, or, the "expression" of it (more info on that below).
  • Commissions are usually worked on in the order they are received in, but I am not obligated to do so. Smaller pieces such as icons, sketches or badges can be completed first, at my discretion.

Client Right's, Responsibilities, and Etiquette

  • It is your job to approve and make changes to your piece BEFORE I begin to detail or color. These tiny changes and modifications should be done during the sketch stage (step 5, above). It's almost impossible to make changes once a piece is near or fully completed. It's also incredibly unreasonable and unprofessional to ask. So please, make sure you are honest with what you like and don't like with with your WIP sketch. I won't be held accountable for changes you failed to mention! Any changes may be subject to additional fees.
  • Clients must provide easy-to-understand descriptions or accurate image references for me to use on your piece. I can't "imagine" what you do when it comes to your characters and creatures, so you must do your part to make sure I do. If I can't properly "envision" what you want, I may be inclined to deny your request.
  • Your references must also be CLEAN. Please don't supply me with any images containing graphic bits or pornographic scenes. I really don't want to see that crap. :( If you have no other option, please be courteous and black the bits parts out, or give me a detailed warning of what to expect before hand. Please be respectful...
  • Relationships with my clients will remain professional. Your information such as email, mailing address, and payment info will always remain confidential and will never be shared or discussed outside of our conversations.
  • If clients are being rude, unreasonable, or threatening, I will cancel your commission and ban you from purchasing further commissions.

Posting Your Artwork

  • I may have the rights to the final product, but you are paying me for the "expression" of your work. It is YOUR artwork! You paid for it! You can edit it, crop it, print it, paint over it, and post your piece anywhere or however you want. You can even use your artwork for RPGs, as a reference for others, as your icon icon/avatar on social media and websites.
  • If you do post your piece anywhere, I ask that the watermark remains on the final full piece and proper credit is given. :)


  • You are not allowed to sell prints or gain additional income (virtual or real) from these works without my permission.
  • Once your commission is paid, the price and terms for the commission are non-negotiable.
  • You are not allowed to make major changes once the commission is near completion. Reasonable changes may be allowed, but may be subject to additional fees.
  • I do not work around strict deadlines. It is up to you to commission me within reasonable time frame. I will do my best, but I am not obligated to meet those deadlines. Always remember the rule of 2s.
  • Do not pester or harass me about your commission process (i.e. emails or messages constantly asking for updates, or demanding WIPs). If this persists, I may cancel your commission. My refund policy still applies (see below).

Receiving Your Commission

  • As stated above, completed digital works will be emailed to the owner. You'll receive the full size hi-res version without a watermark, and a watermarked version to share on social media.
  • Traditional art commissions will be mailed to the owner. FREE US shipping. International orders are based on location.
  • I do not offer the service of physically printing or framing your digitally drawn commission. It is up to you to take your completed work to your local print shop. This saves both of us the time and hassle of printing and shipping/packaging costs added to your commission, and the risk of your art being damaged in the mail. If you have trouble with copyright permissions, I am more than happy to write an email stating I give you my permission. I recommend Costco or Nations Photo Labs for great photo prints and Canvas Creations USA for amazing deals on canvas.

Cancellations of Refunds

  • If you wish to cancel your commission, depending on how far I've begun work on your commission, a partial or even full refund can be made. 20% deposits made will not be refunded.
  • A partial refund consists of your remaining balance after the non-refundable 20% deposit. This is payment for my time and effort put into your order.  I understand emergencies do happen, so I'll do my best to decide if your situation warrants it.
  • If for some reason I need to cancel, I'll most likely refund in full, unless the client is being abusive and unreasonable to work with.
  • Full refunds are only granted if I have made no progress on your commission at all, even with a deposit.
  • A full refund after your order has been completed is NOT possible. Even if you are unhappy with your commission, I must be compensated for my time and supplies used that may have gone into your piece. I will gladly make reasonable changes to your piece to make you happy. However, it is your responsibility to make sure to approve the sketch and WIPs before substatinal progress is made to ensure this won't happen.