Commercial Services

I've had experience creating video game concepts, board game art, novel/book cover art, as well as t-shirt design and business logos. The difference between my commercial and personal services is that one is being used for personal use, and the other with the purpose of using my art to make a profit. I'm totally fine with this! But, there will be entirely new policies that you must be aware of.

Releasing the Copyright

I require extra compensation for giving away part or all of the copyright. This will allow all my rights to shift over to you officially. I prefer to work royalty free, with no strings attached. Once a price is agreed upon, you can sell, change, promote, and use the art as your own in any way you wish, free of restrictions. Please note that the price for copyright is separate from the actual artwork cost (read more below).

Like all of my services, I require payment up front for any project. Some clients have promised to pay me once the product sells, but I'm sorry, that is not how I conduct my business. I must be paid up front with a deposit to start or you will have to take your project elsewhere.

Release Fee

The copyright release free is in addition to the original cost of the art project (my normal prices and styles listed). The fee amount is determined by a case-by-case scenario. The fee may range anywhere from $200 - $400 depending on the level of commercial use it will be used for.

In most cases, I will require a written contract that will be handled through e-mail (scanned, signed, and uploaded). Once an agreement is made, the release fee will cover any and all aspects of that project (which I will need to know before hand). Any separate or non-related projects will be an entirely new contract and release fee. I will not give discounts to the base cost of the project.