Hi, I'm Jennette!

I'm a freelance, self-taught varied artist from Salt Lake City, Utah. I'm a mother of two girls, wife of 10 years to an amazing man, and a husky owner. I'm a lover of all things geek and pop-culture. I'm very into fantasy creatures and mythical worlds. I'm kind of a 'jack of all trades' type artist. My most skilled medium is digital art. I also enjoy other hobbies such as sidewalk chalk art, cosplay/costuming, and occasionally do a bit of home decor and crafting.

I graduated with my Bachelors degree in Music and Music Education from Brigham Young University-Idaho in 2010, studying flute. I realized too late that despite music being a serious passion of mine, that it wasn't what I wanted to do with my life. I wish to this day that I had chosen to pursue a career in art instead. Since graduating, my main focus has shifted to becoming a professional artist.

My love for art started at a very young age. My mom started me in local child art classes, but while everyone would be drawing faces and figures and I'd be off on my own drawing dragons and dinosaurs. Today I'm no different. I think drawing everyday stuff is boring, and creating an alternate reality through art is one of the reasons I love it so much. Normal just isn't fun enough. ;)

My art career didn't take off until years later after I married at the end of 2006. After a long art hiatus, I decided to give my art another try. I received my first digital drawing tablet for my 20th birthday in 2007 and I've been perfecting my craft ever since! 

Skills & Tools Used

Digital - Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe illustrator, Wacom Intuos Pro and more recently a Wacom Cintiq 13HD

Traditional - Copic markers, micron pens, pencils, chalk pastels

Photography - Canon T5i, Adobe Lightroom

Textile - costuming/cosplay, resin casting, worbla, leather.

Awards & Recognitions

Viewers Choice Award - The pop-culture giant Dorkly.com's fan favorite artist. Art showcased at C2E2 (Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo) in 2014.

Daily Deviations - deviantART.com's exclusive daily feature, once in 2011 and twice in 2012.


Chalk Artwork Awards - Chalk Art Festival, Gateway Mall SLC, UT, 2nd place 2012.

South Jordan UT Chalk Art, 2nd place, 2012 & 2013.

Sidewalk Days, Foothill Village SLC, UT, 3rd place 2013


Do you take commissions? Yes, sometimes... unfortunately with how busy life is, I'm unable to take them on a regular basis. I try to give a heads up when I do open and I only open a few slots at a time. I don't have any pricing info available on my website yet... but someday I will when I'm ready to offer them again.

Do you take free art requests? No, I only take paid commissions. Just because I say I'm a "freelance" artist doesn't mean my services are free. All that means is that I work independently, not for any business or corporation. This is a real JOB and BUSINESS that I take very seriously. I am also a stay at home mother, so my time is limited. If I must take time away from my family, I want to be properly compensated financially (just like any job really). 

Will you take art trades? I no longer accept art trades. Half I already have enough artwork on my wall haha! I will occasionally do trades for unique items like craft, cosplay items, sculptures, etc., but not art. It's got to be something really unique for me to consider it a trade. 

Do you do collaborations? YES! Sometimes. Skill has to be at an equal level though for it to be worth it for me. That might sound rude, but it seems only fair that both artists do equal amount of work on a piece of art.

Do you accept fan art? YEEEES!!! I love fan art! Whether its of my characters or drawings from favorite fandoms, I will most certainly take fan art gifts!

Can I use your artwork for reference? Yes, I am totally okay with this! The only thing I ask is that you ask permission first (out of courtesy), and credit back to me.

Can I feature your artwork? YES PLEASE! Exposure of an artists art is so important, and I'm always honored that people will go out of their way to showcase my art to their friends and family. You can feature my art on any form of social media, but please, if you do, credit back to the image or at the very least my website or deviantART profile. That way people know where to find the originals. :)

Can you teach me how to draw? Not personally, but I can give you some advise! Use references and practice practice practice! It might seem like a cop-out, but that's literally how its done. Whatever you want to draw, you gotta find a reference, practice, reference, practice, and on and on... There is no secret recipe!

Why don't you draw anthro art anymore? My most frequently asked question, and the answer is simple: I lost the passion for it. I started out my artwork career doing nothing but werewolves and anthros. As much fun as I had at the time, it got old real quick and I wanted to move on to many different art forms. I will still occasionally dabble in some anthro, but I want a clean slate from that life and I'm much happier now drawing in mediums that I love!

Why don't you do more traditional artwork? Most who know me think of me first and foremost as a digital artist. It's what I'm most proficient and comfortable with. When it comes to traditional art, I feel like I'm still learning. I've learned to become comfortable with chalk artwork, and more recently copic markers, but I feel I have a lot to learn. Be patient with me as I continue to work on that craft.

Can I be your friend? Yes, I get asked this a lot, but I'm online for my art and business, and not really interested in making friends. Sometimes friendships can happen natural between me and my clients. Who knows! But don't ask for it. Just stay awesome and who knows what could happen!